Green Goblin (HD)

Green Goblin's Default Costume

Green Goblin is a playable character in Avengers: Heroes Disassembled. He was confirmed in his own gameplay trailer where he was seen fighting against Mr. Fantastic. He is a Gadget User. Green Goblin is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker as Goblin, and Alan Rachins as Norman Osborn.

Role in the StoryEdit

S.H.I.E.L.D. MissionsEdit


Super MoveEdit

Green Goblin pops three blades out on his arm and he slices his opponent's throat. They stumble backwards and he does a short parry before whistling and his glider flies over and he jumps onto it, stabbing the opponent in the chest. They fly up into the air, and Goblin releases three grenades out of the glider before jumping off of it and throwing a razor bat at one of the grenades, and they all explode.

Character TraitEdit

Green Goblin calls his glider and he is able to fly around the arena.


  • Intro: Norman Osborn is sitting in his desk before flipping open the head of a statue and then pressing a button. The wall behind him opens to reveal the Green Goblin suit. He is then seen flying onto the arena, laughing.
  • Outro: Goblin's glider comes flying in, and he flies right into the opponent's chest. He is then seen flying through the sky humming, as the opponent's body lies dangling from his glider.

Character EndingEdit

"In an attempt to avenge his fallen compatriot, Norman Osborn killed Iron Man and took control of the New Order. Stopping himself from going mad with power, Norman used the New Order to keep a balance of peace, and he eliminated any villains from the roster, having them humanely killed. Norman was eventually the most popular man in the world, and we soon elected President of the United States."


  • Green Goblin is the only traditional villain on the roster to completely change his morality to a selfless hero in the story mode, but only in the alternate universe. Mystique is a Secret Avenger, but she is still not a hero.
  • Green Goblin is one of the few characters to kill their opponent in their ending.
  • Dee Bradley Baker has never voiced Green Goblin in the past, Alan Rachins portrayed Norman Osborn in Spectacular Spider-Man.

Alternate CostumesEdit

  • Secret Avengers: Green Goblin's Secret Avengers costume is unlocked by using an archive armory key.
  • Hobgoblin: The Hobgoblin costume is unlocked by completing all of his S.H.I.E.L.D. Missions.
  • Classic Villains: Green Goblin's original costume is part of the "Classic Villains" DLC Pack


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