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Green Goblin (Cross-Worlds)
Green Goblin CW
Ultimate Goblin
The Goblin
Vital Statistics
Real Name Norman Osborn
Alignment Evil
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Harry Osborn (Son)
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Alias Green Goblin
Unusual Features None
Affiliation None
Weapons Pumpkin Bombs

Goblin Glider

Species Human
Home Earth
Debut Amazing Spider-Man #14, July 1964
Class Terrorist


Voice Actor Steve Blum

"Trick or treat!"

Green Goblin is a playable character in Injustice: Cross-Worlds. He is voiced by Steve Blum and is known as a gadget user.


Much, much more. It was this greed that would eventually lead to him developing an experimental serum for the United States Military that would enhance a soldier's strength, endurance and intelligence. However, Norman's collegue and right hand man Dr. Mendall Stromm, insisted that the formula was far too dangerous to be tested on humnas due to some very disturbing side effects found in the rodent tests, namely insanity. Pressured with a growing deadline by the military inspectors lead by the crass and stern General Slocum, Osborn tests the serum on a human subject-himself. However, the serum, while enhancing Osborn's intellect and strength, also turned him insane. Killing Stromm, Osborn dons a very sophisticated combat suit and steals the experimental flight wing to become the twisted and perverse monster Norman called "the Green Goblin", due to the color of the suit and green being Norman's favorite color.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Goblin Glider
  • Pumpkin Bombs


INTRO: Norman Osborn is inside Oscorp with his tuxedo on. He starts laughing insane, then smashes out the window. As he jumps to the bottom of the screen, silence fills the intro for a few seconds. Then Green Goblin comes in the air with his glider, laughing with a pumpkin bomb in his hand and flies to the arena. He gets off his Goblin Glider.

OUTRO: Green Goblin laughs, throwing a pumpkin bomb from one hand to the other. He then says, "Don't kill yourself over it. Oh wait..." He takes his pumpkin bomb and chucks it at the opponent.


Super TraitEdit

The Ultimate Goblin: Green Goblin can switch from using pyrokenesis to throwing smoke bombs.

Super MoveEdit

Glider Slam: Green Goblin chucks a pumpkin bomb at the opponent, which explodes in their face. He charges up at the opponent, then starts punching the opponent and then knees him/her in the gut. The camera pans into the Goblin Glider flying behind Green Goblin, as he moves out of the way for the Goblin Glider to slam into the opponent.


To be confirmed..


  • "Itsy bitsy Spider, went up the water spout. Down came the Goblin, and wiped the Spider out."  -Clash with Spider-Man.
  • "If you really want to put fear into the hearts of enemies, I suggest you go with green." -Clash with Batman
  • "Like a rat in a trap."
  • "Trick or Treat!"
  • "Geez, kid, does the old rat with a cape ever give you a holiday?" -Clash with Nightwing

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