Green Arrows default costume

Green Arrow is a playable character in mortal Kombat vs Injustice. he is classified as a gadget user and is voiced by,steven tyler.


A modern day Robin Hood, former billionaire Oliver Queen acts on his progressive beliefs and ideals. As Green Arrow, his arsenal of trick arrows reflects his personality.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Expert archer
  • Uses a variety of trick arrows
  • Highly trained martial artist
  • Superb athlete


Intro: Green Arrow comes from his arrow grapple and lands saying "Sup bro"

Outro:Green Arrow shoots a net arrow at you trapping you. he then says "Time to take you in"

X-Ray Move:Green Arrow uses his bow to crack your skull. he then jumps behind you and shoots two arrows behind you cracking your back bones.


Fatality 1:Green Arrow throws to disks at your arms cutting them off. he then shoots an arrow through your head and splits it.

Fatality 2:Green Arrow pulls out the knife out of his bow and stabs you in the pelvic area. he then grabs his kitanna and throws it to the other side of his back. he stabs an arrow through your kneck and throws you to the sword spilitting you apart.

Animality:Green Arrow turns into a rhino and rams right through you,tearing your body to pieces.

Babality: Green Arrow turns into a baby. he then grabs an arrow and taps on it. it was revealed to be a freeze arrow and green arrow freezes himself.

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