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Green Arrow
Green Arrow (Legends Collide)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Oliver Queen
Alignment Good
Current age 29
Gender Male
Family Moira Queen (Mother, Deceased), Thea Queen (Sister)
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Alias The Hood
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Justice League
Weapons Bow and Arrows
Species Human
Home Queen Manor
Debut Marvel vs DC: Legends Collide
Class Gadget
Voice Actor Alan Tudyk

Green Arrow is a playable character in Marvel vs DC: Legends Collide. He is a gadget character and is voiced by Alan Tudyk.

Role in the StoryEdit


Move ListEdit

Character TraitEdit

Super MoveEdit

Green Arrow shoots three arrows into his opponent's chest, and all three of them erupt into ropes to contain them. Arrow runs up to them and hits his bow across their face twice. They fall down and Arrow jumps over them, shooting an explosive arrow into their chest that goes off the second he lands.


  • An arrow is shot into the arena. The arrow then shows a speaker that begins to play music as Green Arrow comes jumping in. He chuckles and puts the arrow back in his quiver and prepares for a fight.
  • Green Arrow puts an arrow in his bow and says "You have failed this city." and then shoots them. He then faces the camera in a heroic pose.

Character EndingEdit

Alternate CostumesEdit


  • Alan Tudyk has previously voiced Green Arrow in Young Justice, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Infinite Crisis.

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