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Gotham City
Mkvsdcu gotham rooftop
Debut Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)
Location Gotham County, New Jersey, USA

Gotham City is a playable stage and location in Injustice: The First Insurgent



  • There is a giant gargoyle where you can kick off of for gadget users, and for Powers users, you can kick the opponent through the gargoyle knocking off of it's head.
  • There is a giant clock where you can kick someone into.

Wayne EnterprisesEdit

  • There is a big desk that you can kick off of or throw, depending which type of user you are.
  • There's also a  glass window that you can smash someone's head in.

Stage TransitionsEdit

  • On the right of the rooftop, there is Wayne Enterprises where you can perform a stage transition kicking them straight into the building, into a worker's office.
  • On the left of the office in Wayne Enterprises, there's an elevator where a transition can be performed. The opponent will punch the other opponent repeatedly, then reach the top of Wayne Enterprises where they smack the opponent off the building, smashing into the rooftop.

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