Vital statistics
Position Cyborg/Kaleesh CIS general
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Approx 7'
Weight Approx. 340 lbs
After the warmonging Kaleesh was brutally disfigured in a battle, he was completely rebuilt as the CIS army's cyborg general known as Grievous. Grievous was the main point of the Clone Wars, became a Jedi hunter who murdered them and took their lightsabers as both trophies and weapons, and formed a grudge against rivaling Republic General Obi-Wan Kenobi.


The general literally looks like a robotic exoskeleton, having a slim, cream-colored pieces of armor stuck to his black, almost stick figure like body. His face/mask looks much like a skull, with his fleshy Kaleesh eyes shown through his eyeholes. His two, six fingered arms can unhinge like a snake's jaw, splitting the pair into four limbs. Grievous towers over most droids and human(oids), but slouches and is fitted with a dark grey coat that wraps around his cybernetic torso, arms, and legs like a blanket.


Grievous is a perfect balance, being both a fast as a scout but as tough as a Knight, but eventually wagers out to be a Knight. Combined with his above average speed and heavy attacks, Grievous is a force to be reckoned with. One down side of him, however, is that he has only three special attacks instead of the usual five.

List of MovesEdit


  • Cyborg Cyclone: Grievous' arms unhinge and sling around Grievous like a cyclone, hitting any unfortunte foe in the way. (11% damage)
  • Blasted Blaster: Grievous yanks out a blaster pistol from his cloak and fires a triplet of laser rounds into his opponent. (8% damage)
  • Treacherous Tornado: The general makes a pair of side tornadoes from his arms and walks foward, shredding anything in his way. (10% damage)


  • Regular: Grievous shoots a grappling hook out of his forearm, wraps it around his opponent's neck, and pulls them towards him.
  • Reserve: Grievous shoots a grappling hook out of his forearm, wraps it around his opponent's neck, and slings them to the other side of the stage.

Tag FormEdit

A Magna-Guard comes out of no where with his electrostaff. He can do all of Grievous' attacks, but their damage are split in half.

Proxy SkinEdit

  • Rebuilt: Grievous appears how he did prior to his cybornetic augmentations. A white, blood soaked bandana and skull mask on his head, a brown cloaked wrapped up body, and a hunting rifle slung over his back, Grievous still has his lightsabers and tag partner, but instead of having his raspy, robotic voice, he has a very smooth and calm tone, much like how he sounds in Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003).


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