Firestorm (Multiverse saga)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Ronald Roy Raymond
Alignment good
Current age 24
Gender male
Family Richard Dare (grandfather)

Catherine Rockwell (grandmother)

Edward Raymond (father)

Elaine Rockwell (mother, deceased)

Felicity Raymond (stepmother)

Status active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn
Weight 202 lbs (92 kg) (As Firestorm); 179 lbs (As Raymond)
Height 6' 2" (As Firestorm); 6'1" (As Raymond)
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Unusual Features {{{unusual features}}}
Affiliation Justice League (Before)

Justice Avengers (After)

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Species human mutate
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Debut Firestorm #1 (1978)
Class None
Voice Actor Franz Drameh (English)

Luis Leonardo Suarez (Spanish)

Firestorm is a character from the video games series, Multiverse. Firestorm is a character from The Comics by DC comics. It is one of the characters that come the DLC, New Heroes and Villains Pack.

History Edit

Raymond was an average high school senior and the captain of the football team. During a terrorist attack on his school, his fellow classmate Jason Rusch produced a vial, given to him byProfessor Stein, which contained the "God Particle". The God Particle transformed both Jason and Ronnie into Firestorm. After an initial disagreement, they decided to work together as theFury. Sharing the identity of Firestorm with Ronnie being the brawn and Jason being the brains, Firestorm is considered for recruitment into the Justice League along with several other heroes. They play a large part in the events leading up to the Trinity War, the three-way battle between the Justice League (the original headed by Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman), the Justice League of America (the A.R.G.U.S. sponsored team led by Steve Trevor,Green Arrow and Amanda Waller), and Justice League Dark (the paranormal team consisting of John Constantine, Zatana and the Phantom Stranger).

Ending Edit

Crash of Universes Edit

Wrath of Beyonder Edit

Moveset Edit

Special Moves

  • Fusion Blast: Firestorm shoots a blast of fire from his hands.
  • Fusion Charge: Firestorm becomes a mass of fire and flies at the opponent, ramming them.
  • Molten Trap: Firestorm shoots a beam of fire at the opponent's feet, melding their feet to the ground for a couple seconds to immobilize them.
  • Atomic Burst: Firestorm releases a burst of atomic flames from his body, blasting the opponent backwards.

Grab Edit

Atomic Burn: Firestorm grabs the opponent and places his hands on their chest, burning them with atomic fire before blasting them away.

Super Move Edit

Eternal Flame: Firestorm raises the intensity of his fire, causing it to turn blue, greatly boosting the power of his fire-based attacks.

Ultimate Attack Edit

Molecular Mayhem: Firestorm shoots out a stream of flames from his hands. If it hits the opponent, Firestorm flies past the opponent, transporting them to a hellish place surrounded by fire and stalagmites. Firestorm then hurls two fireballs at the opponent before morphing into fire and diving into the ground. Firestorm then emerges from under the opponent, lifting them into the air, before summoning two structures shaped like large atoms and slamming them both into the opponent, provoking a nuclear explosion.

Entrance, exit, and taunt Edit

Entrance: Firestorm flies onscreen and holds out his hand, summoning a ball of fire, before snuffing it out and taking a fighting stance.

Exit: Firestorm holds out his hands and spins around while shooting out streams of fire, before flying into the air as the flames spiral around him.


Alternate Costumers Edit

Trivia Edit

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