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Emperor of Explosions
Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family -
Status Deceased
Eye Color Green
Hair Color None
Alias -
Unusual Features -
Affiliation Deadcell, The Patriots
Weapons C4
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty"
Class Power Users
Voice Actor Berry Dennen

Fatman is a playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Barry Dennen.


After being ignored by his parents and getting an obsession with electronics, Fatman built an atomic bomb at the age of 10 while only using the internet to assist him. Making bombs and bringing guns to school made his hated by almost everyone he met, which was what he wanted, as he is only aiming for fame. So, he became the student of expert bomb defuser/maker, Peter Stillman, and used his techniques to become an amazing bomb creator.

He later joined the anti-terrorist group, Dead Cell, and donned a power suit that protected him against ballistic weaponry. Not caring for Dead Cell's goals, he used his bomb skills to terrorize The Big Shell, trying to get the one thing he wanted since he was young: fame.

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