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Vital Statistics
Real Name Ed (most likely is short for Edward)
Alignment Neutral
Current age Unknown (probably mid 30s to early 40s)
Gender Male
Family -
Status Retired
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Bald (has a black beard)
Alias -
Unusual Features -
Affiliation Rat Patrol 01

The Patriots

Weapons XM8 fitted with a scope and sniper barrel
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots"
Class Gadget User
Voice Actor Dave Fennoy

Ed is a playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Dave Fennoy.


Before or around 2014, Ed joined Meryl's US military squad, Rat Patrol 01 (which was unknowingly being controlled by the Patriots at the time) and befriended a fellow soldier in the squad, Jonathan with Johnny Sasaki. Then in 2014 during Liquid's Insurrection, they were sent to the Middle East to rendezvous with a trooper who turned out to be Solid Snake, one of Meryl's old friends.

After the events of the game and after Liquid was killed, Ed served as the minister at Johnny and Meryl's wedding.


  • Assaulted Rifle: Ed fires his marksman modified XM8 at his opponent
  • Blade Blamed: Ed tosses a pair of combat knives at his rivial
  • SCAR Stomach Shove: Ed butts the tip of his XM8 into his opponent's stomach, lifts them up, and fires, causing them to fly off
  • Sidearm Striked: Ed punches his opponent twice in the stomach, making them double over in pain. He then pulls out a deagle and fires directly in their skull
  • Ulna Outer: Ed grabs his opponent by the arm and snaps it before slamming  them back on the ground


Rat Patrol Sniper: Ed pulls out his XM8 in one hand and his Deagle in the other. He then sprays several rounds into them before chucking both firearms at them, cartwheeling towards the guns butted opponent, and grabbing them by the neck before violently twisting it and kicking them backwards.

Alternate Skins:Edit

  • Default: Ed wears his standard Rat Patrol uniform from Guns of the Patriots.
  • Wedding Warden: Ed wears his white suit during the wedding.

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