Arkham city robin colored v 2 by qbatmanp-d3jklya

History==== Growing up in the circus Dick was trained to be an acrobat so he join his mother and father as a Flying Grayson. However during one their peformances the villain Two-Face atttacked the circus. Thinking they could help they tried to sto the criminal however all but Dick lost their lives. Orphaned he was taken oin by Bruce Wayne and trained to be his sidekick the Boy Wonder Robin! After 3 years as his sidekick  Dick decided he would start his own solo career in Bludhaven. However during the events of The Last Crusade he was summoned back to Gotham to face Mr. freeze. He managed to keep him at bay till Batman arrived and they both defeated him. However the road gaveway and Dick was knocked unconcious. Afterwards he returned to Bludhaven.

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