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Deathstroke The First Insurgent 2
The Shadow
Vital Statistics
Real Name Slade Wilson
Alignment Bad
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Alias Deathstroke
Unusual Features None
Affiliation The Suicide Squad
Weapons Sword


Species Human
Home Gotham City
Debut New Teen Titans #2 (December 1980)
Class Assassin
Voice Actor Ron Perlman

"May the best man win. I only see one."

Deathstroke is a playable character in Injustice: The First Insurgent. He is classified as a Gadget user.


Chosen for a secret experiment, the Army imbued him with enhanced physical powers in an attempt to create metahuman supersoldiers for the U.S. military. Deathstroke became a mercenary soon after the experiment when he defied orders and rescued his friend Wintergreen sent on a suicide mission by a commanding officer with a grudge. However, Slade kept this career secret from his family, even though his wife was an expert military combat instructor. Indeed, she had been responsible for a significant portion of his early training.

Events in The First Insurgent Edit

Deathstroke makes his first appearance on a rooftop with Joker who reminds him of his deal to bring Batman in exchange for one million dollars. After a short while, Deathstroke quickly spots Batman in the Bat Jet and takes out the engine. As the vehicle begins losing altitude, Deathstroke climbs aboard and battles Batman. Batman loses but quickly escapes from the event as Slade is left to die. He quickly aborts the vehicle as well and ends up on Gotham ground as he is surrounded by the GCPD. However they are no match as they soon flee from the impeccable skills of Deathstroke. Soon after, he comes in contact with Joker who refuses to hand the money over since he didn't retrieve Batman. Tension arises and eventually leads to a battle between the two, as Slade wins once again. Afterwards, he calls in his lover Harley to finish the job, but to their disappointment, she loses as well. They manage to escape via aircraft as they tease him goodbye.

Hours later, in return for Joker's betrayal, he informs Batman and the rest of the Justice League his plans for an endgame and announces where to find Kirk Langstrom. He quickly escapes before they have time to lock him up for his crimes.


  • Human Strength at Its Peak
  • Gadgets


INTRO: Deathstroke is on a rooftop. Thunder strikes and as the lightning dissappears, Deathstroke is gone. He reappears on the battle ground and gets into battle stance.

OUTRO: Deathstroke takes off his mask and throws it on the ground. He begins walking away.


Character TraitEdit

Deathstroke has enhanced strength for a limited period of time.

Super MoveEdit

Deathstroke jumps up in the air, then kicks the opponent down with his foot while in the air. The opponent gets knocked down onto the ground until Deathstroke picks the opponent up by the neck. Deathstroke shoves his sword through the opponent's chest and then drops the opponent to the ground.





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