Deathstroke's default costume

Deathstroke is a playable character in Mortal Kombat vs Injustice. he is classified as a gadget user and is voiced by J.G. Hertzeler


Volunteering for a U.S. military experiment that almost killed him, Slade Wilson found his physiology enhanced to a super-human degree. Dishonorably discharged, Slade became the world’s most feared assassin.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Enhanced strength and agility
  • Weapon expert
  • Master strategist
  • Regenerative healing
  • Skilled martial artist



Intro: Deathstroke walks in the arena and says "Pay Day here i come"

Outro: the opponent is on his knee's,deathstroke shoots the opponent in the head. the screen shows the back of the opponents head,and then he/she falls.

X-Ray Move: Deathstroke stabs the opponent in the chest,he then flips behind them and shoots the opponents head.


Fatality 1: Deathstroke shoots the opponent in the head two times. the opponent is still standing and the screen shows there back. deathstroke then slices them in half with his sword,revealing his face.

Fatality 2: Deathstroke plants a bomb behind the opponent. it blows up and the opponent falls foward right when deathstroke stabs them in the head.

Animality: Deathstroke turns into a wolf. he then claws the opponent in half.

Babality: Deathstroke turns into a baby. he then points to the opponent and says "Your a big stupid face" he then laughs crossing his arms.

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