Deathstroke is a playable character in the game Injustice: Broken Alliance. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Ron Perlman.

Events in Broken AllianceEdit



Super MoveEdit

Deathstroke pulls out his pistol and shoots his opponent in their feet and hands. He then stabs them with his collaspible staff upwards, extends it, making go in deeper. He pulls it out, stabs it into the ground, slams their head in the other end, and shoots them in the head with his sniper, causing them to fly back.


Intro: He rolls into the camera's view, gets up, and says 'You're not on my list, but what the hell'. He then pulls out his sniper a loads it.

Outro: He says, 'I can know see why you weren't on the list, you're not worthy to be!', throws an unpinned grenade towards them, and walks away. An explosion is heard and some blood splatters up against Deathstroke's back.


  • Classic: Deathstroke's skin from the comics
  • Arkham Origins: Deathstroke's skin from Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Slade: Slade's skin from the TV show Teen Titans

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