Cyborg is a playable chracter in the game Teen Titans GO!. He is power house and is voice Khary Payton.


Victor Stone was the son to two scientist. They used him as a test subject to boost his IQ, giving him a genuis intellect level. But one accident got his mother killed and Victor serverely damaged, forcing him to get robotic replacements for his damaged parts. Victor was shunned by everyone due to his exotic appearence until he ran into a group of superteens. They eventually all teamed up and became the Teen Titans.

Events in Teen Titans GO!Edit






Finishing MoveEdit

Cyborg dettaches his left arm. It flies very high up off the screen while Cyborg shoots 3 missles at his opponent, causing them to be  launched in the air. While they are falling, he gets under them and shoots his sonic cannon up towards them, causing them to fly even higher in the air when they are punched back down by the soaring, dismembered arm.

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