Cyborgs Default costume

Cyborg is a playable character in Mortal Kombat vs Injustice. he is classified as a power user and was revealed in the Story Mode trailer. he is voiced by Khary Payton


Part man, part machine, Victor Stone is able to shift his cybernetic body parts into whatever tech he requires. A member of the Justice League, Cyborg is one of crime’s most formidable enemies.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

  • Superhuman strength
  • Enhanced toughness
  • Able to interface with any computer
  • Can create teleport tubes
  • Living weapon



Intro: Cyborg Teleprots Infront of the opponent and says "You got a problem?"

Outro: Cyborg walks to the opponent and teleports both of them off the arena.

X-Ray Move: Cyborg creates his giant arm and punches the opponents jaw,he then tazers them in the chest.


Fatality 1: Cyborg kicks the opponent to the ground,he then create his laser arm and slowly slices the opponent in half with his laser.

Fatality 2: Cyborg creates his sound canon. he then puts it to ultra sound and shoots a giant sound wave to the opponent making their face explode.

Animality: Cyborg Turns into a Elephant and steps on the opponent,squishing them.

Babality:Cyborg turns into a baby,he then presses a random button activaitng his jetpack. he then cries while flying up in the air.

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