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Colonel Volgin
Thunder Bolt
Vital Statistics
Real Name Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin
Alignment Neutral
Current age 50s
Gender Male
Family -
Status Deceased
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blondish grey
Alias Volgin
Unusual Features Several electricity scars scattered around the face.
Affiliation NKVD, GRU
Weapons Makarov
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater"
Class Power User
Voice Actor Neil Ross

Colonel Volgin is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a power user and is voiced by Nell Ross.


Born somewhere in Russia around the early 1900s, Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin was a professional boxer with a sadistic personality. He used his abilities and great strength to become a great World Word ll soldier and an infamous torturer. Later, he somehow earned the supernatural power to have 10 million volts of painful electricity flow through him. Though electrocuting himself, giving himself scars on his face, he learned to master the electricity and used it as his advantage in battle.

Later in his military career, he became a Soviet officer and had The Boss, an American hero, defect over to Volgin's army in 1964. The Boss gave Volgin a war head that he used on Russian soil and blamed the Americans. With the legendary soldier, Naked Snake, coming to eliminate The Boss, Volgin, along with the Cobra and Ocelot unit, wait for Snake to fall into their hands so they can defeat and kill him.


  • Makarov Attack: Volgin pulls out his Makarov and fires two rounds at his opponent
  • Lightning Strike: Volgin shoots a beam of electricity out of his hand at his opponent
  • Ballistic Beatdown: Volgin electric upper cuts the opponent two times in the stomach before punching them directly in the face, sending them dashing back in an explosion of electricity
  • Sparking Shield: Volgin creates an electric shield around his front that parries all projectiles
  • Brutal Brass: Volgin, with bullets inbetween his clutched fingers, delivers a gunshot like punch to his opponent's face


Volgin unholesters his Makarov and shoots his opponent in the legs, bringing them to their knees. He then delivers a painful, electric boot to their head, sending them flying back upwards. Finally, he gets his bullet brass, punches them in the stomach five times, and creates a huge ball of electricity before throwing in directly at his opponent, exploding and sending their charred body flying backwards.


Alternate SkinsEdit

  • Default: Volgin wears an olive Russian officer coat over his suit
  • Thunder: Volgin wears his tight anti-electric vest with his coat off

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