Chronos Default Costume

Chronos is a Playable character in Injustice:The Future Awaits. he is classified as a gadget user.


A petty criminal all his life, David Clinton realized he was being arrested because he didn't take the time to plan his crimes properly. Admiring the clockwork precision with which everything in prison was run, he decided he would make time work for him rather than against him. Fascinated with timepieces and deft with his hands, and possessing an inventive mind, he spent the remainder of his prison sentence laboring in the prison workshop, learning all he could about clocks and their mechanisms. Finally released, Clinton designed a costume and embarked on a new criminal career as the time thief called Chronos. His crimes brought him into repeated conflicts with Ray Palmer, the super-hero known as the Atom

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Normal human with a genius level intelligence and skills as a master inventor. Average athlete and hand-to-hand combat.


Wide array of time inspired weapons, including exploding hourglasses, a wrist-watch that projects razor-sharp hands, a device that can slow time in localized areas and a sun-dial shaped flying platform. Clinton also carried a miniature hourglass filled with "compressed particles of time".


Role In StoryEdit

Chronos Is planning to Mix all Of the Timelines together,to create a Massive destruction. Its up to the justice league and other heroes to stop him. He's teamed up with all the other villians and will stop at nothing to destroy time itself.


Character Trait: Chronos Is able to Slow down time making the opponent slower so he can peform multiple combos on them.

Super Move: Face my Clock: Chronos grabs you and teleports to the stone ages. he then throws you in a volcano and it errupts followed by a time blast then he telports him and you back.


Intro: Chronos Teleports Infront of you and says "stand down before i show you your old decaying body"

Outro: Chronos Laughs and teleports you to the dinousar ages,where a Tyrano Sauras comes and steps on you

Move List

Basic Attacks:

Straight Time blast.

Sky Time blast.

Sundial Swoop

Combo Attacks:

Teleport Punch

Teleport Slam

Sundial Blast

Special Moves:

Dinousar tail slap

Caveman Whack

Sundial Blast


I can Make this world a better Place!

You dont understand!-Clash to Batman Beyond

Shut up. Fool -Clash to Batman

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