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Vital Statistics
Real Name Andrea Wurster
Alignment Left Hand
Current age 21
Gender Female
Family The Queen (Genetic Template)
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Alias Cerebellum
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Arena World Tournament
Weapons - Telekinesis

- Vibration Manipulation

Species Human (Homo sapien)
Home Unknown
Debut Female Fighters #1

(August 1972)

Class Gadget
Voice Actor Grey DeLisle

"Sometimes I wonder what the world looks like from the outside. Sometimes I wonder if it's better than being stuck here...then I think about the facts: Anything's better than being stuck here."

Cerebellum is a playable character in the game Arena World: Wrath of the Queen. She was revealed in September of 2013. Cerebellum is one of the 12 Left Hand and is a Gadget User. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Arena World: Wrath of the QueenEdit

Role in Arena WorldEdit


  • Telekinesis: Cerebellum has the ability to manipulate objects with her mind, known as Telekinesis. She move matter with her mind, levitate objects, and even stop time for a few moments.
  • Vibration Manipulation: Cerebellum can project and absorb vibrations into her body, sending them outwards to burst her opponents ear drums or send them flying backwards.


INTRO: A red and white blurr is seen, and suddenly Cerbellum appears in the arena. She slides her helmet off, flipping her beautiful hair over her shoulder and steps off of her motorcycle, Sylum. She tunes the frequency of her headphones and spreads her arms. "Figured I was coming, didn't you?" she chuckles, before getting into a fighting stance.

OUTRO: Cerebellum lifts her enemy up using telekinesis, then blasts them off the screen. She then turns to the camera, giving a seductive pose, and winks. "That's how we do it," she laughs, before climbing back on to her motorcycle.





Alternate CostumesEdit

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