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Steve Rogers (Earth-616)

Default Costume in Dimensional Rift

When sickly Steve Rogers was injected with Super-Soldier Serum, he became a muscle-bound hero and used his abilities to fight the good fight in the Second World War. Now alive in modern America, Captain America fights evil alongside the Avengers!


Intro: Captain America is on a plane and salutes to the pilot, before jumping out. He then lands on thee arena before entering a combat stance.

Outro: Captain America punches the opponent (like in his first comic). The scene shifts to him observing them in a helicarrier cell.


Character Trait - Defensive Stance - Captain America enters a defensive stance, which changes his moveset, allowing him to take less and give more damage for a short time.

Super Move - American As Apple Pie - Captain America charges at the opponent with his shield. After he hits them, he throws the shield. Whilst the opponent is dazed, Captain America lays down many martial arts moves, culminating in the shield hitting the opponent in the head, with Captain America catching it.


Marvel NOW! - Default costume unlocked at start.

Captain - Can be bought with in-game credits.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Nomad - Reward for completing Classic Battle with Captain America.

Classic - Included in the 'Blast From The Past' skin pack.

Animated - Included in the 'Only Two Dimensions' skin pack.

Guardian - Included in the 'Dimensional Counterpart' skin pack.


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