Captain America is a playable character in the game Injustice: Broken Alliance. He is a power user and is voiced by Chris Evans.

Events in Broken Alliance






  • Shield Toss: Captain America throws his shield at his opponent but it comes back like a boomerang
  • Gunshot: Captain America shoots his pistol twice
  • American Parry: Captain America shields himself with his shield, absorbing any projectile and deflecting it back
  • SMG: Captain America pulls out his SMG and fires it
  • Shield Shoulder: Captain America straps his shield to his arm and shoulder's his opponent


Captain America pulls out his shield and pistol and tosses the shield at his opponent. It hits them and flies past them offscreen. Captain America shoots him with his pistol, pushing them backwards into the shield, which was flying back, hitting them and pushing them back towards Captain America. He roundhouses the backwards while he catches his shield.

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