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Capsule (Godfall)
Unfrozen Soldier
Man of Ice
God of War
Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown
Alignment Evil
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color None
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Alias Capsule
Unusual Features None
Affiliation None
Base of Operations None
Weapons Sword
Species Human
Home Earth
Debut Hero Comics #300
Class Dark Mage
Voice Actor Kevin Conroy


Capsule was an ancient warrior who won many battles. He used his bloody sword in each of them, and was known as the best warrior around. As his territory and rulers grew slowly defeated, they froze him to make sure he would wake one day in the future and claim their territory once again when the time was right. Centuries later, the Government found him in an iceberg floating at Sea. They unfroze him, and he began his murdering rampage. Because he was frozen in ice for so long, anything he touched would deepen in temperature. He was soon known as the Capsule.

Role in GodfallEdit

Godfall ComicEdit



  • Amazing Battle Skills- He has the ability of a thousand soldiers in battle.
  • Cold Temperature- Because of his cold temperature, anything he touches can drop in heat.
  • Legendary Sword- He has the ability of his legendary sword.


INTRO: Capsule comes in through a blizzard of snow. He walks over towards his sword in the ground and picks it up, taunting the opponent saying, "This land is MINE!"

OUTRO: Capsule is on a ledge, watching soldiers march in a line on the ground.


Capsule is a gadget user.

  • Although all of Capsule's moves involve combat or his sword, few involve his powers.

Move ListEdit

  • Ice Wave- Capsule creates a wave of ice that goes through the arena. It can be dodged by jumping at the right time.
  • Patient Slam- Capsule sticks his sword in the ground. As he tries to get it out, the opponent can get try and attack. If the opponent does not attack Capsule, he gets the sword and slams him into the wall.
  • Arrow Invasion- Capsule grabs his bow, extends it, and shoots three arrows. One arrow in the air, one forward, and one downwards.


Forward Throw: Capsule punches the opponent in the face two times left and right, then kicks the opponent right in the gut, sending him forwards.

Reverse Throw: Capsule sticks his sword in the opponent's chest then throws the opponent behind him.

Character TraitEdit

Frozen Weapons- His weapons all become frozen in ice, making them more powerful than normal.

Super MoveEdit

The Unfrozen Warrior- Capsule bends down, using his hands and freezes the ground, creating a gigantic ice fist that catches the opponent. It chokes them as Capsule runs up to him/her, and slams the opponent out of the fist with his sword, onto the ground as the ice shards fall ontop of the opponent.




  • "This is MY territory! You're invading it!"
  • "Foolish land dweller."
  • "Who taught you how to fight?"
  • "The only potential I see in you is how you make me laugh."
  • "You fight like a jester, yet you talk like a king!"



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