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The Artist
The Painter
Vital Statistics
Real Name Augustus Ryell
Alignment Evil
Current age 32
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Bald (formerly black)
Weight 143 lbs
Height 6'2"
Alias Canvas
Unusual Features The tattoos on his arms are constantly morphing and moving, signaling that his powers are still active
Affiliation Society of Skars

Titan's Rogues Gallery
Brotherhood of Death

Base of Operations Sleighport

Skar City
Brotherhood Headquarters

Weapons Lexiconicy (formerly through the use of an enchanted paint brush)
Species Human (Homo Sapien)
Home Sleighport
Debut As The Painter: Titan Comics #85

(March 12, 1971)

As Canvas: Titanium #12
(June 27, 1988)

Class Gadget
Voice Actor Troy Baker

Canvas is a playable character in Godfall. He was one of the first seven characters revealed. He is a Gadget User. Canvas is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Role in GodfallEdit

Godfall ComicEdit




INTRO: A bubbly word made of dripping, green paint, that reads "CANVAS", floats into the arena. Suddenly there is a flash of golden light and Canvas apperas in his fighting stance. "Time to erase you," he growls.

OUTRO: Canvas paints the words "ERASE" on his fallen opponent, and watches as they disintegrate into the wind. He then turns to the camera, grinning wildly, and says, "Consider yourself erased!"


Move ListEdit


Character TraitEdit

Super MoveEdit


To Be Announced!



  • As the Painter, this villain was never truly tooken serious amongst comic book fans. It was only in the late 80's, when he beacame the Canvas, that people realized his true potential to be a comic book villain. As comics became darker and more serious, Canvas did as well. Ditching the paint brush and bum outfit, he donned a new title and a mudererous look, and became one of Titan's greatest foes. He then grew to be one of the most famous villains in all of TAC Comics.
  • Troy Baker has previously voiced Canvas in Titan: The Animated Series, Mustang, The Protectors, Legion of Champions, Titan: Titanium, LEGO Legion of Champions, Titan: The Return of Garthuux and Titan and the Legion of Champions.

Alternate CostumesEdit

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