Black Mask The First Insurgent

Black Mask is a playable character in Injustice: The First Insurgent.


Filled with a burning hatred for Bruce Wayne, Roman Sionis donned a mask fashioned from his father's coffin and set about murdering Wayne employees. He was inevitable confronted by Batman, a confrontation that ended with a large conflagration. In the fire, Roman's mask was burnt onto his face. He then became one of Gotham's most feared crime bosses, running the False Face Society for many years. He recently made an enemy of Catwoman and was thought to have been killed by her, but he resurfaced during Gotham's gang war, and made himself the head of all Gotham's criminal activity.


Super Move - WagerEdit

"A million bucks for whoever can bring me the head of this boy!" Black Mask fires his gun at the opponent. A bunch of criminals from Blackgate come in and start shooting the opponent. Some start punching him/her. They then run away.

Character TraitEdit

Goons hold the opponent still while he can attack.


"Someone better be paying me for this."


Some goons give him a briefcase with thousands of dollars. "Perfect...."



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