Baxter Building

The Baxter Building

The Baxter Building is a stage in Avengers: Heroes Disassembled. It was revealed in the Fantastic Four story trailer. It was later used in the first Battle Arena video, and soon became a fan favorite stage, and it was used for Songbird's story trailer. It is 1/3 stages to contain more than 2 stage transitions, containing three.

Role in the StoryEdit

Stage TransitionsEdit

  • The opponent is knocked into the Fantasti-car, which goes crazy and crashes out of the window, flies up onto the roof and crashes, exploding.
  • The opponent is knocked into the observatory. They hit it, and then go crashing through the floors until landing in the next arena.
  • The opponent is knocked into a ray gun that blasts them into the Negative Zone. Annihilus then attacks them before opening a portal and flying through it, landing in the original arena. He scratches their face before being blasted back into the Negative Zone.


  • Landing Bay
  • Roof
  • Reed's Lab


  • In the rough draft of Heroes Disassembled, Annihilus was a playable character, but he was later scrapped to become a stage transition.
  • In the story mode, Reed had programmed the Baxter Building to explode if he died, but Iron Man disabled this feature, making The Vault the only stage to be destroyed in the story mode.

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