"I know, i'm supposed to be dead... but i'm not, HEE HEE HE!"

-The Joker

Arkham Hell is a sequel to Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham Origins, developed by Quantum Animations. It is a free roam game and has the use of Batrangs, Shock Gloves, the Choreographic Sequencer, of course the Remote Controlled, Batrang, and many more. It also revolves as a sequel to previous events in the three games like Electrocutioner being alive, the return of Scarecrow, and more.


To be added...


A 3D free roam around Gotham, like the previous three games. 3D combat with both thugs and bosses. And the use of unique gadgets that are sometimes used to defeat bosses (For example, in Arkham City when you have to use Freeze Grenades agenst Clayface (Basil Karlo).


  • When you beat the game on any difficulty, you can play as Scarecrow or Killer Croc (You will be able to pick).
  • Batman stumbles along the Shock Gloves in the Batcave, while trying to get any gadget that might help him.

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