Bane is a playable character in Injustice: Broken Alliance. He is a Power user and is voiced by Fred Tatascoire.

Events in Broken AllianceEdit



Super MoveEdit

Bane shifts his venom gauge to Level 6, causing him and his muscles to grow extremely large. He then punches them in the face, causing them to fly back. Bane then jumps over to them and lands on them. He finally picks them up, slams their back upagainst his knee, throws them up, and uppercuts them on their way down. He shrinks back to his Level 5 size.


Intro: A musculer, yet not-as-strong Bane charges onto the screen. He taunts 'I will rip you apart with my BARE HANDS!' He then shifts his venom gauge to Level 5, making him grow extremely musculer and strong.

Outro: Bane says 'You have been broken.' and simply walks away.


Clash QuotesEdit

I WILL BREAK YOU! -Stock Clash Quote

You're effort is in vain, tonto. (Tonto=moron) -Stock Clash Quote

We'll see about that,murcielago. (murcielago=Bat) -Clash with Batman

I broke you once, I can EASILY do it again.-Clash with Batman

Finished hiding under Batman's shadow, eh?-Clash with Nightwing

You're insults mean nothing to me,pajaro.- (pajaro=bird) Clash with Nightwing

Are you really the strongest man on earth? Clash with Superman

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