Avengers Mansion

Avengers Mansion

Avengers Mansion is a stage in Avengers: Heroes Disassembled. It was the very first stage ever to be seen in use, as Spider-Man and Electro were seen fighting in it. It is also 1/3 stages that has more than 2 stage transitions, containing 3.

Role in the StoryEdit

Stage TransitionsEdit

  • The opponent is knocked through a wall and they continue to crash through various rooms including the library and two bedrooms until landing in the next arena
  • The opponent is knocked into a wall where they crash into the training room. Holographic projections of Living Laser, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo, and Grey Gargoyle appear. They begin beating around the player before Abomination throws them into the next arena.
  • The opponent is knocked into a room where an Ultron prototype punches them and throws them into a ray gun that malfunctions and shrinks them to microscopic size. Ultron then walks over and stomps on them, knocking them into the Original Arena


  • Front Yard
  • Main Room
  • Assembly Hall


  • Avengers Mansion originally did not include Ultron as part of the third transition, but Ultron was in such high demand, and he had not been included in the story, nor DLC, Netherrealm edited him into the Stage Transition
  • The Entry Yard seems to be a memorial to fallen Avengers, as it includes statues of Vision, Wonder Man, Spider-Woman, and Quicksilver
  • Avengers Mansion is 1/3 stages to include some sort of monument to the New Order Iron Man, the others being the New Order Embassy and Stark Tower

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