All-Star Justice League

All-Star Justice League Cover

All-Star Justice League is a comic series written by Artemis Thorson, featuring an alternate universe where the Justice League's individual members are drastically different in their own ways. An animated movie of All-Star Justice League was eventually made, but important aspects were changed to make it more family friendly.

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Kal-El is the last survivor of Krypton (not including Supergirl, General Zod, Faora, Doomsday, or Brainiac). As a child, he was sent to Earth before Krypton's destruction, and he was taken in by the Kent family. His father was an alcoholic and he often beat his wife. Clark grew up around this, and was used to the violence. He often got into fights with his father, and eventually he incapacitated him, which is when he discovered his powers. After his father's death, Clark and his mother moved to Metropolis. After discovering the Fortress of Solitude, Clark discovered his true identity and became the superhero, Superman. He is currently in a relationship with fellow Justice League member, Wonder Woman.


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