Ace Chemicals is a stage in the game Injustice: Broken Alliance. It is industrial and is in the DC Universe, more specifically Gotham City.


Ace has five levels. The first is the main and has six vats of acid, three on each side, the main door, an exit door, and a large garage door that leads out to the drive way where a large truck is parked. The second floor is made up of many walkways which is accessable by ladders from the first floor. The third, forth, and fifth floor are higher up, have 3 offices on each floor, and are all connected by stairs. The roof has a large ACE sign and air conditioners.


The character can venture into the factory. Each office has 5 bits, the main floor has a minigame where you can drain out all vats to earn Batman's League of Shadow costume, and the second floor contains the Joker, who can be fought and bought for 10,000 bits.

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